How brand identity expertise inspired
a decade of growth for law firm

About Amezola Legal Group, APC

Founded a decade ago, Amezola Legal Group, APC focuses on immigration law issues, such as citizenship and naturalization, deportation defense and family law.

Amezola’s experienced legal team, which is based in San Diego, CA strives for excellence in all areas of practice. They are earnestly invested in delivering clients the best results possible.

The Challenge

In the US alone, more than 1.3 million attorneys currently compete for clients, according to statistics from the American Bar Association.

Standing out in this over-saturated marketplace, means law firms must do more than ever before to stand out from the crowd and secure new business.

When attorney Maricela Amezola decided to create Amezola Legal Group in 2011, she recognized the need for a strong corporate identity, alongside easy online access.

As a one-person team, she turned to Gee Productions for the support and expert guidance necessary to develop her brand.

The Process

Gee Productions set up a consultation to find out more about Maricela, her business, and its goals.

Working in close partnership, Gee Productions developed a brand strategy, supported by a suite of brand identity design materials.

“Our vision was to create a brand which was professional and authoritative, while maintaining that personal connection,” explains Javi Gonzalez, founder of Gee Productions.

He continues: “Our team undertook an in-depth look at Amezola Legal Group, as well as its prospective clients.

“By understanding the needs of both groups, we conceived a full set of branding materials, including: a logo, website, business cards and graphic design elements.”

Over the past decade, updating these resources and introducing new website features has allowed Amezola Legal Group to keep its brand-identity and materials current and fresh.

Maricela Amezola Business Cards
Amezola Legal Group, APC - Website Design



Working so closely together for more than a decade means that, now, Maricela always knows where to turn whenever she needs updates to her website, marketing and graphic design needs, as well as email support.

Just as this relationship has grown significantly, so has Maricela Amezola’s business.

Over the past decade, the relationship between Amezola Legal Group has grown significantly, as has Maricela Amezola’s business.

Starting out as a one-woman band, her firm, Amezola Legal Group now employs legal teams across two locations in the San Diego area.

Of their success, Maricela says: 

Javi and his team are exceptional. I am happy with his service and his vision for website design. I have been working with Javi for 10 years and he is a truly professional and dedicated individual.

To discover the difference that Javi and Gee Productions can make for your business, book your free 20-minute consultation.