Turning a Hobby into a Business Using Effective Online Marketing

About Clayful Beauty

Mari of Clayful Beauty has been making polymer clay earrings since January 2021. Recently, she decided to turn it into a business and enlisted the help of Gee Productions for website design and brand strategy.

The Challenge

Launching a small business requires learning numerous different skills. What’s more, many hang on a knife-edge, and the difference between success and failure can be as small as an effective website.

As more and more people launch their own businesses, it becomes harder to carve out a niche within a potentially saturated market. Mari knew she needed an online presence but didn’t know where to start. That’s where Gee Productions came in.

The Process

Gee Productions conducted an initial fact-finding mission with Mari to learn more about her business, her goals, and what she wanted from her online presence. The result was the beginnings of a strategy.

First, Gee Productions helped Mari decide on a brand identity and name. ClayfulBeauty.com was born, and this led into Mari’s overall business strategy. Her main goals were to generate leads through social media and convert them into sales of clay earrings on her website.

Next, Gee Productions designed and built Mari’s website, including its e-commerce side. Sales needed to be quick and easy with multiple payment options. Plus, Mari wanted to make custom earrings so there needed to be a simple contact option for customers.

After the website, Gee Productions moved onto the social media marketing aspect. Part of the strategy was to generate leads on social media, particularly Instagram due to its visual nature.

“Creating a sales funnel from social media to an e-commerce site is standard practice nowadays,” commented Javi Gonzalez, founder of Gee Productions.

“Mari’s business is selling earrings, but it’s also selling a look. This was instrumental to developing her business strategy and is why we put so much focus on social media marketing.”


ClayfulBeauty.com launched around May 2021 and the results have been staggering. Mari has made a good effort in building her brand on social media and has already generated a good size audience.

Thankfully, this has led to sales on Mari’s e-commerce site too.

Gee Productions will continue to provide support and Mari knows to come back whenever she needs to adjust her website and marketing content.

If you’d like to see how Gee Productions can revolutionize your online presence and brand identity, book your 20-minute free consultation now.