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Helping Pete Holtzen Rescue Honeybees In San Diego With A Website & Marketing

About Honeybee Rescue

Pete Holtzen of Honeybee Rescue is a beekeeper of more than 20 years, and specializes in live honeybee removal and relocation in San Diego. As an advocate for the protection of honeybees, Pete Holtzen’s services provide safety to both the bees and his clients.

The Problem

Pete wanted to find a skilled designer to create a website that would accurately convey the importance of his mission and attract potential clients. The website needed to showcase all of his services and educate visitors about live bee removal as opposed to extermination.

In addition, Pete also needed help with marketing his live bee removal services in San Diego

The Solution

We created a website for Honeybee Rescue that’s easy to navigate and reflects the seriousness of Pete’s mission. Visitors can quickly learn about the services he offers, and read more into the importance of honeybee preservation.

To promote Honeybee Rescue locally, we worked on enhancing their search engine optimization (SEO) rankings for live bee removal services in San Diego.

The Results

Overall, Honeybee Rescue’s website has been instrumental in communicating their cause to the public and improving visibility for their services. Pete Holtzen is now able to connect with potential clients and continue his mission of protecting honeybees in San Diego.

We’re proud to have supported Pete and Honeybee Rescue in their efforts to promote the preservation of honeybees. We wish them all the best going forward and look forward to seeing their continued success!

Honeybee Rescue in San Diego