Brand Identity and Online Presence For An Aircrafit Detailing Services in LA


About Quality Aircraft Detailing

The company has operated for nearly 20 years and is a family owned and run business. Offers mobile aircraft cleaning services in Van Nuys, Burbank, Camarillo, and other nearby airports.

The Challenge

In 2019, Ana from Quality Aircraft Detailing contacted Gee Productions for help with the company’s website. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, the company needed to develop its online presence to match its website to its business model and quality of work.


Gee Productions used its experience in branding to help QAD settle on a clear and concise brand identity. As a mobile aircraft cleaning company, QAD has a unique market position that we were able to leverage to our advantage.

We helped them to solidify their company goals and mission statement, both fundamental to clear branding. These appear on their website as the cornerstone of their brand identity.

As part of developing QAD’s brand identity, we also designed their logo. It’s an impactful logo that makes it clear what the company offers. Sometimes, simple is best.



Once we had this covered, we designed and built a website that reflected their business niche and need for an online presence. We chose a clear, concise layout and light color scheme with easy navigation and a responsive layout. Of course, the website is optimized for mobile, too.

Generating leads was one of our main concerns, so we added a contact tab to the website and a contact form at the bottom of every page. This makes it easy for potential customers to reach out to QAD and just as easy for QAD to convert leads into sales.


QAD was involved throughout the process, as we believe in collaboration. Ana from QAD checked over our designs and website draft, and was very happy with our choices.

As part of the design, we clarified with QAD why clear brand identity is vital for generating leads and building an online presence. QAD already knew their brand identity, as many companies do, but putting it into words is something else entirely. That’s where we came in.

Along with the logo and website, Gee Productions created business cards for QAD. We also ensured we’d provide support during development and rollout of the website and rebranding effort. We’ll also continue to provide support when needed in the future.

Now, we’ve launched the website, and QAD is very happy with the results. As are we! Take a look over the site, and if you like what you see, contact us for help with your branding campaign.