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Tips for Working From Home

Tips For Working From Home

Due to the global spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, more people are staying home. Major conferences have been canceled and now most employers are now requiring that their employees work from home – all to reduce the risk of spreading infection to themselves and others.  Although it may seem difficult at first, you can

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Stay Safe

Staying Safe at Gee Productions

Staying Safe At Gee Productions We know during the last few weeks things are becoming uncertain and the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is worrisome. We hope you’re all staying safe! Rest assured we are taking the necessary steps for our health, as our goal is to continue serving you–our community with our online services. We appreciate

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Custom Logo Vs Stock Logo

The Difference Between a Custom Logo and a Stock Logo

It’s hardly news that having a brand logo can massively improve your company’s authenticity and business presence. However, many companies think of their logo as an afterthought, instead concentrating on other areas they consider more important. Here at Gee Productions, we understand how important it is to have the right logo for your business. So

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Does My Business Need A Logo?

Do I Really Need A Logo For My Business?

If you had to think of some of your favorite (or the most recognizable) brands, what stands out about them? It’s likely that one of the first things you remember about any brand is their logo, along with any strong color choices on packaging. This in itself is reason enough why your business really needs

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Why Your Business Needs A Website

Why Your Business Needs a Website

Many small business owners might be thinking to themselves whether they actually need a website. After all, social media can often cover all the information you need to display online, so why bother investing the time? Regardless of business size, a website is an incredibly beneficial asset to have. We at Gee Productions appreciate that

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How to Choose a Name for Your Busines

How to Choose a Name for Your Business

Choosing the right name for your business is arguably one of the most important steps. After all, it forms an integral part of your brand image and can have a big impact on whether your business makes it or not. On top of this it also needs to be catchy and memorable. Choosing the right

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