Tips For Working From Home

Due to the global spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, more people are staying home. Major conferences have been canceled and now most employers are now requiring that their employees work from home – all to reduce the risk of spreading infection to themselves and others. 

Although it may seem difficult at first, you can make working from home successful. Here’s our 7 tips to be productive and keep you going.

1. Set A Schedule

It’s very important that you try to set a schedule that works for you and stick to it.

Let your family and friends know your working hours. Make sure you inform them that you will contact them after work or lunch.

2. Start Your Day Right

Start your day early with a healthy breakfast, and change into comfortable clothing – pajamas not recommended. What’s so wrong with wearing pajamas all day? Let’s just say you’ll feel better when you get that last-minute video conference call – you won’t be taken by surprise!

3. Make A Checklist

Before you start your work, make a checklist on paper or digital format – don’t rely on a mental list. Use a scrap of paper or Post-It Notes! 

Let your list do its job – this helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task.

4. Create A Playlist

Listening to music can increase productivity and your ability to concentrate.

If music with lyrics distracts you we recommend listening to instrumentals. Remember, make work more enjoyable. You know what helps you get more done and what doesn’t. Find the right balance that works for you. 

5. Set A Time For Breaks

Taking breaks are essential. It can help de-stress and re-charge. Many opt for a light stretch or a quick coffee break. Give your brain and body a break! It’ll help you feel refreshed.   

Get up and move! It’s good to go outside and smell the fresh air for a bit, walk on the treadmill or exercise. And if you feel like dancing, go for it! 

6. Healthy Snacks & Drinks

Don’t underestimate the power of snacks! Healthy snacks can help maintain your energy and improve your mood. Set a small amount of time and step away from the computer to fully enjoy them.

Dehydration can cause you to lose focus. By staying hydrated you can improve your cognitive skills and mental performance. Our favorite drinks are fruit or vegetable juices and especially pure coconut water.

7. Log Out Of Work

It’s 5 o’clock time to log out! It’s not easy, but try to make it a habit everyday around the same time. It’s important to fight the temptation of not checking work emails

Now it’s time for family and friends. Recharge so you can feel fresh for the next day!