How To Improve Your Business Website

How To Imrove Your Website

1. Optimize Your About Page

Do you want to know how to improve your business website? We’ve got some major tips that will help you!

Here’s one. Make sure that your “About” page rocks!

You want your customers to know who you are and earn their trust.

Include a photo of yourself and of your team members with a short bio.

Avoid using industry jargon to describe your services or products.

Make it fun!

Customers find it easier to trust real humans.

2. High-Quality Content

If you are looking to improve your business website, consider having high-quality content. Well-written content is an essential characteristic of any reputable website. Without it, you’ll struggle to engage your target audience and promote your company efficiently. High-quality web copy throughout the various pages of your site gives customers a reason to stick around, check out what you have to offer, and massively increase the chances of successful conversions.

3. Blogging

Another popular and useful form of content is blogging. While this started out as a novel way to keep a digital journal, it’s now become a crucial marketing tool for businesses, helping them to improve their site’s SEO and directly connect with their audience. A blog is the perfect way to establish your brand further, as well as provide more information about products and services.

4. User Friendly Design

How user-friendly is the design of your website?

The first thing you notice when visiting a website is its design.

When potential or returning customers visit your website, it’s crucial for their experience to be an efficient, hassle-free affair.

If your site is complicated or confusing to navigate, links or buttons don’t work correctly, or the information they need is nowhere to be seen, it’s safe to say your competitors will be gaining a new customer.

Take a look at your favorite websites. Why do you like that website and what features do they have that you don’t? Try making a list and then incorporate those features onto your own website.

5. Optimize Loading Time

If your business website is slow, people won’t hang around when there’s a quicker and more reliable alternative.
  • Images – One way is reducing image sizes. Images are often very large files and can slow down a website. You can use a plugin like shortpixel to compress & optimize images.
  • Videos – User external hosting platforms for videos such as Youtube or Vimeo. Don’t host them on your own server.
  • Another way business owners improve site performance is by upgrading their website hosting service from a shared server to a dedicated server. In some cases moving your website to a new WordPress hosting service may be required. But before upgrading make sure you contact us to recommend which hosting is best for your website.
More on this coming up in a new blog post.

6. Search Engine Optimization

3 words. Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is something that every website owner should take note of and embrace to the fullest. SEO relates to the marketing methods used to make websites rank higher on search engines.

Ranking higher means you’ll appear on the initial pages of a search, and give you a better chance of gaining new customers.

It sounds scary at first, but just like most things in life, practice makes perfect. The truth is that SEO techniques such as keywords and backlinks are easy to apply to your content and benefit you greatly.

7. Mobile Friendly

Look around, what do you see? You see everyone staring at their phones. It’s important to have a website for your business that is also mobile friendly.

Have you ever clicked on a website on your phone and the words are cut off?

Immediately this should tell you that the website you are looking at is not optimized for mobile. This type of website is not user-friendly.

The consumer that comes across this will often move on to the next business website that’s easier for them to use.

When mobile users enjoy a more pleasant user experience, they stay on-site longer. Search engines take this as a sign that your content is relevant and valuable and, therefore, you can get a rankings boost!

Need Help with Improving Your Website Loading Time?

If you need help to improve your WordPress website loading time make sure to schedule your free web consultation today



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