How to Use Google My Business to Get More Customers

Google My Business

You should know by now that showing up high in Google search results will greatly improve your company’s online visibility. However, you may be overlooking a free tool that gives you even more exposure, while enhancing your customer experience. What is Google My Business or GMB?

GMB is a free online business profile available to any business. In fact, you may already have a GMB listing that was automatically generated by Google—you just need to claim it. You can then enhance your profile by taking advantage of a wide range of built-in features.

Here is one reason why Google My Business is SO valuable: Google often puts local business listings at the top of search results when people look for a specific type of business. And those online searchers often turn into customers. One study found that 76% of people who search for a local business on a mobile device end up visiting that business or a similar one within the next day.

1. Get on the Map

How can you take full advantage of Google My Business to make it effective at attracting in customers? Get on the Map! Before setting up your profile, make sure that one wasn’t already generated for your business based on third-party information, such as online customer reviews. Google will guide you through the steps of building out your profile. One key step is ensuring your business shows up on Google Maps, so that potential customers can easily find your physical location. Is your business on Google Maps? Let us know in the comments below!

2. Make Your Listing Pop

Here is how YOU can make your Google My Business listing POP! Write a short, engaging description of your business using keywords that online searchers are likely to use to describe your type of business, such as “sports equipment” or “pet supplies.” This will help drive search results. Then add photos and videos showcasing your business, your products, your employees or your customers in the best possible light. Be sure to provide all the information requested, including your physical address, phone number and hours of operation. The more complete your listing, the higher it will land in Google search results

3. Customer Reviews

How many of you search in Google before visiting a store or restaurant? Another question, how many of you look at the reviews before going or buying from that business? Most people do! Customer reviews are a key metric Google uses to determine your Google My Business (GMB) ranking in search results, so it’s important to encourage happy customers to post reviews to your business profile. While you can’t pay customers to write positive reviews, an incentive such as a free appetizer or a discount on their next purchase could motivate them to leave you a review!

4. Posting Regularly

Here’s what else Google My Business (GMB) offers: For example, GMB recently rolled out a new feature that allows service businesses to display their service area. You can also promote coupons, blog posts or special events using the Google My Business Posts feature. Posting regularly will boost the SEO of your website if you include related keywords. These posts appear on your GMB homepage, almost like mini-ads or social media posts. You can then link back to your website or social media pages in your posts to MAXIMIZE their effectiveness!

5. Google Analytics Data

We LOVE data. Along with your free listing on Google My Business, you’ll have access to Google Analytics data, which shows you where your customers are coming from and how they are finding you. You can also measure the response to specific posts, promotions and calls to action. This can help you fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Need Help with Google My Business?

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