MJC Live Bee Removal

MJC Live Bee Removal - From No Buzz to Top of the Hive in San Diego, CA

MJC Live Bee Removal, a family-owned business in San Diego, California, specializes in safe and humane bee removal and relocation. Owned by Mario and operated alongside his sons Johnny and Charly, MJC prioritizes beekeeping practices while ensuring client satisfaction. However, their passion for bees wasn’t translating to online success.

The Challenge:

MJC lacked a digital presence. They had no website, social media channels, or online reviews. This significantly limited their reach and made it difficult for potential customers in San Diego to find them.

Gee Productions to the Rescue:

Gee Productions partnered with MJC Live Bee Removal to establish a strong online foundation and increase their visibility in the San Diego area. Our strategy focused on three key areas:

  • Website Development: We designed a user-friendly website that showcased MJC’s expertise, bee removal process, and commitment to humane relocation. The website also included clear calls to action, making it easy for potential clients to contact MJC.
  • Local SEO Optimization: Through strategic keyword research and on-page optimization, we improved MJC’s website ranking for relevant search terms like “bee removal San Diego.” This ensured MJC appeared at the top of search results when San DIego residents searched for bee removal services.
  • Online Reputation Management: We implemented strategies to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on Google My Business. This not only built trust and credibility for MJC but also boosted their local search ranking.


The results of our collaboration with MJC Live Bee Removal have been remarkable:

  • Top 3 Google Ranking: MJC’s website now ranks among the top 3 results for “bee removal San Diego” on Google searches. This significantly increased their online visibility in San Diego and surrounding areas.
  • From 0 to 90 Reviews: MJC previously had no online reviews. By encouraging satisfied customers to leave feedback, they now boast over 90 positive Google reviews, demonstrating their commitment to quality service.
  • Increased Client Base: With a strong online presence and positive reviews, MJC has experienced a significant increase in client inquiries and bookings, particularly in San Diego.


MJC Live Bee Removal’s case study exemplifies the power of a strategic online presence for local businesses. Through website development, local SEO optimization, and online reputation management, Gee Productions helped MJC transform their digital presence and establish themselves as a leading bee removal service in San Diego. MJC’s success story highlights the importance of partnering with a digital marketing agency that understands the local market and can create a data-driven strategy to achieve measurable results.

Protint of Prescott Valley, LLC

Subaru with tinting windows by Protint of Prescott Valley
Logo for Protint of Prescott Valley

Giving an auto tint company a fresh look in Prescott Valley, AZ

About Protint of Prescott Valley

For more than two decades, Protint has been a family-owned business providing superior window tinting and paint protection services to residents in the tri-city area. We’ve earned recognition as the top tint shop for 14 consecutive years – an achievement we proudly uphold through our commitment to customer service excellence backed by Llumar’s Certificate of Excellence! Put simply: if you’re seeking reliable window tinting or paint protection solutions near Prescott Valley, AZ, look no further than Protint.

The Challenge

Protint of Prescott Valley, LLC desired a sleek modern logo design that would be complemented by a website and business cards. They needed the new branding to reflect their commitment to quality and excellence, while also helping them stand out in a competitive market.

The Solution

We developed a sleek and modern logo design that truly embodies what Protint stands for: superior service and exceptional value. The black and gray colors with the hint of white represent their commitment to excellence, while the font choice reflects the contemporary and professional environment they operate in.

The Results

By utilizing our design services, Protint of Prescott Valley was able to create a memorable and unique identity for themselves. Their new branding is helping them stand out from their competition and create a long lasting impression with customers. Their website and business cards showcase their commitment to quality and professionalism, while helping them gain more visibility in the competitive tri-city market. Protint of Prescott Valley, LLC is now an established name in the area, enjoying increased recognition and success!

Protint of Prescott Valley, LLC

The Results

By utilizing our design services, Protint of Prescott Valley was able to create a memorable and unique identity for themselves. Their new branding is helping them stand out from their competition and create a long lasting impression with customers. Their website and business cards showcase their commitment to quality and professionalism, while helping them gain more visibility in the competitive tri-city market. Protint of Prescott Valley, LLC is now an established name in the area, enjoying increased recognition and success!

Coastal 365 Fire Prevention

Commercial Kitchen Steam Cleaning
Logo design for Coastal 365 Fire Prevention

Giving An Online Presence To A Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service in San DIego

About Coastal 365 Fire Prevention

Coastal 365 Fire Prevention is San Diego’s go-to commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services. Our team of certified professionals have been trained to the highest standards in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

The Challenge

When we met with Coastal 365 Fire Prevention, they didn’t have a single online asset – no logo, website or business cards. With nothing more than their name, people weren’t sure how to find them. Additionally, we created business cards and a logo for Coastal 365 Fire Prevention that could be used to brand their They needed help and fast!

The Solution

To address Coastal 365 Fire Prevention’s challenge, we created a website that not only provided an overview of their services but also highlighted the importance of kitchen exhaust hood cleaning and fire prevention in commercial kitchens.

The Results

By working with us, Coastal 365 Fire Prevention was able to gain visibility online, build credibility as experts in their field and create an online presence that would help them attract more customers.

Thanks to the new website, Coastal 365 Fire Prevention has seen a significant increase in website traffic and inquiries for their services, allowing them to expand their customer base and become a leading provider of kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services in San Diego.

Logo design for Coastal 365 Fire Prevention
Coastal 365 Fire Prevention - Website Design

Baseball Bard

Young baseball player throwing a pitch

Building A Website for The Largest Collection of Baseball Poetry: Baseball Bard

About Baseball Bard

Baseball Bard is a website that celebrates the poetry and stories of baseball. It is a place to come together as players, fans, and spectators to honor the game through words and verse. Through Baseball Bard we can explore the power of language to give voice to our shared passion for America’s pastime.

Mark Sickman, a professional writer from La Jolla, California, founded Baseball Bard in 2011. He has a graduate degree from the University of Missouri and is a Loyola University of Chicago alumnus. With extensive experience in business communications, he served as Associate Creative Director in three of the world’s largest advertising agencies. Additionally, Mark is a poet and a past winner of the Robert Frost Poetry Foundation Award.

The Challenge

Mark wanted to explore his creative side and create a digital destination for people who share his enthusiasm for baseball. He had the vision to create an online repository of poetry, stories, and articles that appeal to all levels of baseball fan—from beginners to long-time enthusiasts. However, Mark was not a web designer or programmer. He needed help creating a website that was visually appealing and easy to navigate.

The Solution

Mark turned to Javi from Gee Productions, for help creating Baseball Bard. The team developed a beautiful website with an intuitive navigation system, featuring sections for poetry, stories, and articles. They also designed custom illustrations to add visual interest. With their help, Mark was able to bring his passion for baseball and words to life.


Baseball Bard has been a success since its launch in 2011. The website draws many monthly visitors and has become an important resource for both casual fans and dedicated enthusiasts. It is a place where people can come together and celebrate their love of the game.

For Mark, creating Baseball Bard was a labor of love that has brought together his two passions—writing and baseball. Thanks to the work of Gee Production, he has been able to share his vision with the world. As he says, “It’s nice to have a place where people can come together and celebrate the game with words.”

Baseball Bard is an inspiring example of how a website can be used to share passion, creativity, and enthusiasm for a beloved sport. It shows that dedicated fans can create web content that celebrates their love of baseball in all its forms—from poetry to stories and articles. With Baseball Bard, the love of the game lives on.

Baseball Bard - Website Design


The success of Baseball Bard is a testament to the power of web design and collaboration. By partnering with Gee Productions, Mark was able to create a website that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate. The site has successfully brought together baseball fans from all levels and helped them celebrate their love of the game. With Baseball Bard, Mark Sickman has proven that with passion and creativity, anything is possible.

AH Construction

Helping a Commercial General Contractor Scale His Business in San Diego, CA

About AH Construction

With over 15 years of experience in the commercial space industry, AH Construction is a commercial general contractor in San Diego, CA.

Chris, the founder, is a native San Diegan and has been in the construction industry since he was a youngster. In his early years, he worked as construction operations consultant  and then transitioned into General Contracting. After working for several years as a project manager, Chris decided to start his own company with the mission of providing quality construction services to businesses in San Diego.

The Challenge

Having an online presence  is essential for any business in today’s digital world. However, AH Construction did not have a website or any online presence. In addition, they did not have any content to share on social media or other online channels. The company was relying solely on word-of-mouth and referrals to generate new business, which was becoming increasingly difficult as the competition  in the construction industry continued to grow.

The Solution

After meeting with Chris and learning about his company’s goals, we decided that the best way to help AH Construction was to create a website, develop a content marketing strategy and implement a local SEO marketing strategy. The website would serve as the foundation for their online presence, and would allow them to share their story, services and expertise with potential clients. The content marketing strategy would provide valuable, shareable content that would help AH Construction establish themselves as an authority in the construction industry. And finally, the local SEO marketing strategy would ensure that potential clients in the San Diego area could easily find AH Construction online when searching for a local commercial general contractor.

The Results

Since launching the website, we have seen a significant increase in traffic to the site and engagement with the content. The website has become an essential tool for generating new leads and sales for AH Construction. In addition, the content marketing strategy has helped AH Construction build trust and credibility with potential clients, and the local SEO marketing strategy has helped them reach more people in their target market.  In addition, they have been able to use their social media channels to connect with potential customers and build relationships with other businesses in the construction industry.

Looking Ahead

Chris, the founder of AH Construction, wants to continue growing his business so we’re currently working on a much larger local SEO marketing strategy and are already seeing some results. This will help them attract even more customers from San Diego county. 

We have also discussed consolidating all of his communication channels with our own marketing automation software hub in the future to make it easier for Chris and his team to manage his marketing efforts and connect with potential clients.

Driggz Mobile Auto Detailing

From No Online Presence To A Growing Mobile Detailing Business in Maui, Hawaii

About Driggz Mobile Auto Detailing

Cody is the owner and operator of Driggz Mobile Auto Detailing, a business he started in September 2020. Driggz is a full-service mobile detailing company that offers interior and exterior services for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Cody’s business is based in Maui , Hawaii, and services the entire island.

Cody started Driggz Mobile Auto Detailing because he saw a need for a mobile detailing service in Maui. There are several car wash and detail businesses on the island, but most of them are either not very convenient or they don’t do a very good job. Cody wanted to start a business that was convenient for customers and did a great job detailing their vehicles.

Since starting his business, Cody has built up a large and loyal customer base. His customers appreciate the convenience of having their vehicles detailed right at their doorstep, and they’re always happy with the results. Cody takes pride in his work and it shows in the quality of his service.

The Challenge

Cody wanted to start his own mobile detailing business and knew how important it was to have an online presence. The problem was Cody didn’t have logo, website, or any branding for his business. He also didn’t have any experience with design or marketing, so he wasn’t sure where to start.

And on top of that it was in the middle of a pandemic so he had to get creative with how he was going to market his business while everyone was stuck at home.

The Solution

Cody decided to work with us to create a logo and website for his business. His website has a clean and modern design that showcases his services and pricing. We also created some social media assets for him to use to market his business online.

Empty heading

The Results

Since launching his new website and branding, Cody has seen a significant increase in customers and enquiries. His website has allowed him to reach a wider audience and attract new customers from all over Maui.

Cody is now able to focus on growing his business, safe in the knowledge that his online presence is taken care of.

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional mobile detailing service on Maui, look no further than Driggz Mobile Auto Detailing.

Honeybee Rescue

Pete up a ladder
Logo for Honeybee Rescue in San Diego

Helping Pete Holtzen Rescue Honeybees In San Diego With A Website & Marketing

About Honeybee Rescue

Pete Holtzen of Honeybee Rescue is a beekeeper of more than 20 years, and specializes in live honeybee removal and relocation in San Diego. As an advocate for the protection of honeybees, Pete Holtzen’s services provide safety to both the bees and his clients.

The Problem

Pete wanted to find a skilled designer to create a website that would accurately convey the importance of his mission and attract potential clients. The website needed to showcase all of his services and educate visitors about live bee removal as opposed to extermination.

In addition, Pete also needed help with marketing his live bee removal services in San Diego

The Solution

We created a website for Honeybee Rescue that’s easy to navigate and reflects the seriousness of Pete’s mission. Visitors can quickly learn about the services he offers, and read more into the importance of honeybee preservation.

To promote Honeybee Rescue locally, we worked on enhancing their search engine optimization (SEO) rankings for live bee removal services in San Diego.

The Results

Overall, Honeybee Rescue’s website has been instrumental in communicating their cause to the public and improving visibility for their services. Pete Holtzen is now able to connect with potential clients and continue his mission of protecting honeybees in San Diego.

We’re proud to have supported Pete and Honeybee Rescue in their efforts to promote the preservation of honeybees. We wish them all the best going forward and look forward to seeing their continued success!

Honeybee Rescue in San Diego

Amezola Legal Group

How brand identity expertise inspired
a decade of growth for law firm

About Amezola Legal Group, APC

Founded a decade ago, Amezola Legal Group, APC focuses on immigration law issues, such as citizenship and naturalization, deportation defense and family law.

Amezola’s experienced legal team, which is based in San Diego, CA strives for excellence in all areas of practice. They are earnestly invested in delivering clients the best results possible.

The Challenge

In the US alone, more than 1.3 million attorneys currently compete for clients, according to statistics from the American Bar Association.

Standing out in this over-saturated marketplace, means law firms must do more than ever before to stand out from the crowd and secure new business.

When attorney Maricela Amezola decided to create Amezola Legal Group in 2011, she recognized the need for a strong corporate identity, alongside easy online access.

As a one-person team, she turned to Gee Productions for the support and expert guidance necessary to develop her brand.

The Process

Gee Productions set up a consultation to find out more about Maricela, her business, and its goals.

Working in close partnership, Gee Productions developed a brand strategy, supported by a suite of brand identity design materials.

“Our vision was to create a brand which was professional and authoritative, while maintaining that personal connection,” explains Javi Gonzalez, founder of Gee Productions.

He continues: “Our team undertook an in-depth look at Amezola Legal Group, as well as its prospective clients.

“By understanding the needs of both groups, we conceived a full set of branding materials, including: a logo, website, business cards and graphic design elements.”

Over the past decade, updating these resources and introducing new website features has allowed Amezola Legal Group to keep its brand-identity and materials current and fresh.

Maricela Amezola Business Cards
Amezola Legal Group, APC - Website Design



Working so closely together for more than a decade means that, now, Maricela always knows where to turn whenever she needs updates to her website, marketing and graphic design needs, as well as email support.

Just as this relationship has grown significantly, so has Maricela Amezola’s business.

Over the past decade, the relationship between Amezola Legal Group has grown significantly, as has Maricela Amezola’s business.

Starting out as a one-woman band, her firm, Amezola Legal Group now employs legal teams across two locations in the San Diego area.

Of their success, Maricela says: 

Javi and his team are exceptional. I am happy with his service and his vision for website design. I have been working with Javi for 10 years and he is a truly professional and dedicated individual.

To discover the difference that Javi and Gee Productions can make for your business, book your free 20-minute consultation.

Legend Fence Corp

Legend Fence Corp

How Page Optimization and SEO Helped a Local Business Grow its Audience

About Legend Fence Corp.

Legend Fence Corp. is a family-run fence installation company that’s been in business for around 20 years. The owner, Edgar Garcia, is incredibly proud of the work he provides and wanted a high-quality website to generate more leads.

The Challenge

Search engine optimization is a blessing and a curse for many businesses. While it’s great to appear at the top of listings, sliding down rankings can make your business seem undesirable to potential customers.

Therefore, designing a quality website that books search engine rankings is vital. A company’s website needs to be clean, effective, and usable.

The Process

After Edgar approached Gee Productions, the process began with an initial consultation. This allowed Gee Productions to determine Edgar’s needs, which were a better online presence and social media management.

Also, Legend Fence Corp. needed a website that matched the quality of its services and was optimized to generate local leads.

Gee Productions began with some preliminary drafts of the website after creating a business strategy. It was decided that the business’s family-run element would help to generate leads in its potential market, so this was put front and center.

For the website content, Gee Productions conducted keyword research and both on-page and off-page optimization.

The next step was to develop a social media marketing strategy and to optimize the business’s Yelp and Google My Business pages. The aim was to generate leads and funnel them to the website where there would be a contact form.

Gee Productions set up Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages to create content and generate interest among potential customers.


Gee Productions and Legend Fence Corp. have worked together for 3 years, during which time the company’s online platforms have generated hundreds of leads.

“The key to developing an effective business strategy is to identify its unique selling point,” explained Javi Gonzalez, founder of Gee Productions.

“For Legend Fence, we felt their USP was that it’s a family-owned, family-run business. Considering their potential market in San Diego, we knew this would work well for them.”

Gee Productions continues to work with Legend Fence, developing their marketing content and optimizing their business pages as information changes.

If you’d like to see how Gee Productions can help with your business strategy, book your free 20-minute consultation today.

Clayful Beauty

Turning a Hobby into a Business Using Effective Online Marketing

About Clayful Beauty

Mari of Clayful Beauty has been making polymer clay earrings since January 2021. Recently, she decided to turn it into a business and enlisted the help of Gee Productions for website design and brand strategy.

The Challenge

Launching a small business requires learning numerous different skills. What’s more, many hang on a knife-edge, and the difference between success and failure can be as small as an effective website.

As more and more people launch their own businesses, it becomes harder to carve out a niche within a potentially saturated market. Mari knew she needed an online presence but didn’t know where to start. That’s where Gee Productions came in.

The Process

Gee Productions conducted an initial fact-finding mission with Mari to learn more about her business, her goals, and what she wanted from her online presence. The result was the beginnings of a strategy.

First, Gee Productions helped Mari decide on a brand identity and name. ClayfulBeauty.com was born, and this led into Mari’s overall business strategy. Her main goals were to generate leads through social media and convert them into sales of clay earrings on her website.

Next, Gee Productions designed and built Mari’s website, including its e-commerce side. Sales needed to be quick and easy with multiple payment options. Plus, Mari wanted to make custom earrings so there needed to be a simple contact option for customers.

After the website, Gee Productions moved onto the social media marketing aspect. Part of the strategy was to generate leads on social media, particularly Instagram due to its visual nature.

“Creating a sales funnel from social media to an e-commerce site is standard practice nowadays,” commented Javi Gonzalez, founder of Gee Productions.

“Mari’s business is selling earrings, but it’s also selling a look. This was instrumental to developing her business strategy and is why we put so much focus on social media marketing.”


ClayfulBeauty.com launched around May 2021 and the results have been staggering. Mari has made a good effort in building her brand on social media and has already generated a good size audience.

Thankfully, this has led to sales on Mari’s e-commerce site too.

Gee Productions will continue to provide support and Mari knows to come back whenever she needs to adjust her website and marketing content.

If you’d like to see how Gee Productions can revolutionize your online presence and brand identity, book your 20-minute free consultation now.