Computer Repair

I have teamed up with a great partner, James Medina, to offer computer repair services for PC & MACFor all computer repair please call James directly at (858) 848-9881 or email

The price sheet below reflects PC prices only. For MAC please call or email James for a quote.

PC Diagnostic fee:
$30/hr (Min 2 hours)
Home visits $35 + diagnostics fee

Copy documents/pictures from hard drive:
$5 per GB

Diagnose hard drive and/or fix bad sectors with utility:

Replace hard drive, install OS, and copy files onto new:
$200 (plus parts)

Replace/add components:
$40-desktop power supply (plus parts)
$30-General PC component (plus parts)

Remove virus/malware:

Install updates for OS or general software:

All parts replacements or additions: price of part plus $35

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